Ride the dirt


Ride the dirt

Team RTD started out as a bunch of guys riding our bikes and having fun.

Now after riding our mountain bikes for more than 20 years, we want to share our Magnificent city and trails with you.

From absolute beginners to experienced riders, we offer you an awesome local Wellington MTB experience like no other.

Come and ride Wellington and then tell the world about it!

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Mountain bike shuttles

Mountain bike shuttles

Welcome to Team RTD, Wellingtons Mountain Bike shuttle service.

Come and join us for an in depth look at Wellingtons Extensive Mountain Bike Trail Network.

We offer a large comfy shuttle for up to 10 riders.

Our Rosa Bus and trailer is set up to carry you and your friends around the world famous Wellington trails taking you to the top of the most suitable point and then meeting you at a designated pick up point to load you up for another Awesome run.

We offer shuttle runs in 8 different locations through out Wellington and the Hutt Valley,

You can join us for one run of the days trail, buy a 5 run package of your favored hill or add a second session to make it a top day.

If you are from out of town and have heard about what Wellington has to offer but are not sure where to start then look us up and join us for our Big Day Out. This is a full day and we will get you to the top of as many Iconic trails as you can fit in.

Work in the City and would love a Run down Polhill but can't fit it in at lunch time? Don't worry, as we have you covered. Lunchtime pick ups from town and a run to the wind Turbine by 12.30pm and you will get a run back to work and be at your desk by 1.00pm

Join us for one of our scheduled weekly shuttles or grab the team and book us out for a private shuttle session for the ride of your choice.



Public Shuttle Session Pricing,

( Max 10 riders per uplift ) pp Per Person

One uplift pp10$

5 lift session $40.00 (excluding Polhill)

Polhill Wind turbine 2 runs $40.00 ( Top Bunker $50 )

Private tours

Big day out (8.5 hours) minimum 6 riders $100pp, 6-8 riders $85pp, 8-10 $75pp

1/2 day shuttle 3-4 different sites minimum 6 riders $50pp, 6-8 riders $45pp, 8-10 $40pp

Other Private Shuttles and Transport on Application