Wellington Mountain Bike Shuttles

Let us take you to the top of our awesome hills and we'll be there to pick you up at the bottom, ready for another awesome run.

If you've heard what the wellington hills have to offer, but aren't sure where to start, then join us for our big day out - we'll get you to the top of as many iconic trails as you can fit in.


What to expect on our shuttles


Whats a shuttle all about you say?? Its the ability to ride more of the fun and flow rather than the slog and grind.

We take you to the top of the most picturesque hills in Wellington, enjoy the views as you amp up, ready to slay the best trails in town.

We pick from a dozen different areas (where?), 3 trail systems to offer you on the day (what is a trial system). you will get to complete multiple runs in the same area to really get to know the trails and improve your flow!

From the beginner to the experienced, there’s nothing like riding with a new crew, enjoying the company and shredding with the locals!

Now’s the time to book and experience the best Wellington has to offer from the our comfy as Shuttle.

It’s a good start but you need to outline exactly what happens on this half day shuttle, I’m still confused as to what I’ll actually be doing. It’s way too vague. Think of it kinda of like a writing a fun agenda, paint the picture of the actual day and be more specific. You don’t need to sell the experience so much here, you just need to be informative for customers. Less sell (best experience, wellington has to offer, shredding with the locals etc) and provide more info. Bullet points can be good to.


Make Thursday night that extra bit special by getting out on your bike for a few runs after your busy day.

Make the most of your time and effort by riding the shuttle up and carving your way down.

Our trails let you enjoy Wellington from a real bush perspective. (they aren’t your trails, maybe don’t mention it, and it feels like selling fluff)

We will set up in one of our awesome trail locations (again not yours and where?) and you will get to ride 2-3 different trails multiple times to get the most value. (don’t mention value, it’s free to ride up lol)

Check on the Calendar to find where we will be running and come and join us for real Shuttle goodness. (real shuttle goodness is not a thing)

This one is a lot better, but still need to be more specific/informative. What time is it? How do you get on the shuttle? Paint a picture of what these nights actually are.